Drawing Social with far out live music every Sunday at AfA Gallery 6-9pm!

AfA Gallery
514 Lackawanna Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503

EVERY SUNDAY 6-9pm, unless otherwise noted
Live adventurous music!
Walk in at any time and take a seat.
Draw, write, mingle, daydream, or just relax and enjoy the show, and the scene!

AfA Gallery has free wi-fi, so kick back with your laptop.

All Ages!
$5 General
$2 Student


Drawing Social drawings ©2006-2012 Ted Michalowski

—Sunday, February 19, 6-9pm—

* Rogue Chimp *

Jacob Cole graduated from Berklee College of Music, currently a prominent and progressive drummer and tabla player in NEPA. Together with electro-ironic brother Zach Cole they drop their anthropological drum & bass techno-jazz. Add the compelling and conspicuous Mark Woodyatt on violin, and that’s a show for any species.
The primitive goes tech as this Drawing Social goes Darwin.

Jacob Cole: drums, tabla
Zach Cole: synth, keyboards
Mark Woodyatt: violin

“It’s improvisational music and improvisational art. A band will play a few sets, and artists (as well as non-artists) will come and draw/paint/sketch/doodle/create to the music. Ted, the organizer of such events, often illustrates the group performing and uses his art as the poster for the next time the group plays. It’s basically the greatest thing to hit Scranton since coal. Seriously though, it is.”
— Chris Connors, of the Scranton Fusion Quartet, Tyler Dempsey Massive, and Chet One Two


—February 19, Sunday, 6-9pm—
* Rogue Chimp *

—February 26, Sunday, 6-9pm—
* Julian Sparacino and Nick Drisoll *

—March 11, Sunday, 6-9pm—
* Tribal Waves *

—May 27, Sunday, 6-9pm—
* Joey Zarick/Reddy Set Joey *

DRAWING SOCIAL RUNS EVERY SUNDAY 6-9PM, unless otherwise noted.
The admission fee is $5 general, $2 with valid student ID.

Drawing Social takes place at AfA Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA.
All ages and skill levels are welcome. The non-drawing and non-musical are
also very welcome to enjoy the show.

Drawing Social combines a drawing group with a live musical performance: the performers being the subject as well as the entertainment. Every week presents a different ensemble of progressive and experimental musicians in a venue allowing them to perform uncompromised to an all-ages Strathmore-toting crowd with expectations extending beyond the current top-40. The music ranges from and merges rock, classical, jazz, hip-hop, gypsy, folk, country, blues, electronic, and the experimental and avant-garde. This venue fosters the interchange of art forms, valuing the development of culture within community over commodity.

Drawing Social receives no grants or any such funding. These unique cultural events run solely on your support, which is much appreciated.

Support Drawcore.

Out to draw the town black.

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